As a freelance developer I work solitair a lot. I like it that way and working like that fits my personality. I probably need it.

However, it can be a bit Remi like at times. Therefore I decided I need to get out more and look for like minded people. I finally started to go to meetups, call those former colleagues and now I decided to restart blogging a bit.

Additionally I need to keep learning. I leech a lot and this might be my way of giving back. Hope it is helpful to someone...

Don't expect deep philosophical insights, those I won't share ;-) , but my intend is to write some random stuff about encountered development related issues. Sort of 'How did I do that again?' type of articles. As my current interests are lying with anything PHP and EmberJS chances are that's were I will go subject wise.

So, I hope you like it, thanks for listening. Or not, that's fine too!

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