How do you write your own profile. Not sure, so I'll just start...

I am a loone wolf working as developer slash designer. Although I have a creative education as Interaction Designer and am still doing some design occasionally (user experience these days) I prefer to call myself a developer these days. It's where I feel most comfortable.

My first freelancing project was 'de Jazzserver'. A self publishing platform containing a comprehensive overview of anything Jazz in the Netherlands.

When Flash was still a thing, I liked to work with that. Thought that Flex was awesome, don't know how I could think that. Briefly had a startup called zillizi which created components for Flash. I did that with this guy.

Before that I made CD-Roms with Director but I won't try to explain what those are... :-)

These days I have a loose collaboration with these people.

Open Source

I like open source software. It has been a very beneficial to me in an educational sense. The first contributions I did were to a PHP framework called Binarycloud. It embraced OO when it became a thing in PHP and had great architecture. There are still some leftover references here and there.

Later I focussed on using Zend Framework and contributed a bit to Zend Framework 2.

Here are a few libraries I maintain and/or contribute to;

Current Topic of interests

Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing. PHP and EmberJS

Project and Clients

I've worked on many projects and clients in the past, here are a few old and new...


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